Meet our Owner

James Allenson

Title: President
(Jim) Application Engineer
Phone: 651.368.1717

“We at Covalent Technologies understand the ever-changing surveillance and network industry, and it is our goal to provide the highest quality technology-based goods and services in the
most cost-effective manner. I am available 24/7 to answer your phone call”

Jim’s Key Roles:

• Solutions Engineer • System Programmer
• Project Manager • Project Foreman
• Threat Assessment Specialist • Technical Consultant
Jim is a multi-faceted guy, with a wide range of passions. He is a family man, father of two young
men and husband to his loving wife, Michelle. Jim and his eldest son enjoy sports together, with a
special connection to basketball. His youngest son diagnosed with autism share a very strong bond
of the love of food and wood working. He is an avid gun enthusiast, fisherman, gamer and
technology collector. Michelle is never surprised when she finds a new secret stash of electronics
or fishing lures!

Jim has been working in the industry for over 30 years. Over the years, Jim has gained extensive
experience in this industry working on a wide variety of enterprise grade surveillance solutions.
He is devoted to his work, and humble about his many accomplishments. Jim is an industry leader who
loves being in the field more then behind a desk.

Surveillance & Access Certifications:
1. Certified to install and service Avigilon surveillance systems
2. Certified to install and service Dallmeier surveillance systems
3. Certified to install and service Infinias / 3Xlogic access systems
4. Certified to install and service Pelco VideoXpert enterprise systems
5. Certified to install and service Kantech door access systems
6. Certified to install and service Avaya network switches

Network Certifications:
1. Trained CompTIA – A+
2. Trained CompTIA – Network+