Covalent Technologies specializes in video surveillance and access control integration. Our primary industries
served are gaming, government (local, state & federal), commercial and retail. Our focused expertise is design
and implementation of large enterprise grade video surveillance & door access control systems provides our
customers with the high quality customized solutions.

What’s in a name? Way back in 1916, an American Chemist by the name of Gilbert Newton Lewis discovered a
vital property of many complex elements… a phenomenon he called a COVALENT BOND. In covalent bonds,
elements share electrons. Covalent bonding makes very strong connections between the atoms. We thought this
a very appropriate and descriptive name for the type of relationships we build. We approach
all opportunities with a heartfelt desire to share our knowledge and skills, to partner with your team, to bond
together and ensure the best possible outcome for your projects.

We realize the importance of working closely with you, the client, to produce a tailor-made solution
which fits your unique needs and requirements. We want to form a bond with you, a relationship, that begins
at our first meeting.

We continually pursue excellence and precision in our projects. Our expertise has been developed
over time and has led us to our motto; “It Ain’t Magic”.

We have constructed a Project Team without compare, a talented group of specialists experienced in
all facets of the business. We have a dedicated spirit of partnership and teamwork and an unwavering
commitment to deadlines. Our Project Team supports and assists you from the start of project planning, through
technical implementation and training of system users. We welcome and invite you to contact us at any time,
for any reason.